Free SMS from your computer


Due to certain problems, CroatianSMS is now out of service. We are sorry that in this moment, we can't do anything to fix this issue.

New in Version 1.1

  • Addressbook Implemented.
  • Util "Format Button" To Fix Numbers Straight from The Addressbook.
  • "To:" field display added In the Screen.
  • Character Counter Moved To The Screen.
  • Removed Number Restriction (v1.0 Required 7 digits, But Got It Removed To Make It Work With Less Digits Numbers).
  • Added Buttons Animation.
  • Written Messages Are Not Erased After An Error Message.
  • Image Polishing.

It's free!

Now you can send unlimited SMS to Croatia from you computer, free of charge! No charge to download, no charge per message. All free! hey, It's even GPL!

Covering the network!

CroatianSMS let's you send SMS to cellphones in the Network 091 or 098 in Croatia. All from your computer and free.

Send SMS without a cellphone

You can send all your SMS with CroatianSMS without the need of a cellphone, a cellphone number, or even an email! CroatianSMS asks you for an email just to let know where people can contact you. If you wish, you can just type your name there. Just input the number of the phone you want to SMS and it's ready!

It's a widget!

Just press F12 to bring CroatianSMS to you. That fast! Type your message and send!

No more tired thumbs!

Unless you are one of those chinese guys that can type faster in a cellphone than a court secretary takes notes, you'll prefer to type your SMS in your keyboard. Plus you won't have to put your thumbs on ice at night!


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